Recognizing feasible improvements without trial & error interruptions - bionic surface technologies makes it possible.


In these drying cylinders, the formation and removal of condensate is an important design point, as the amount of condensate is crucial for optimum heat transfer. Despite the high demands placed on our engineers, our type of system analysis offers valuable insights and optimization options for the development of drying cylinders - without having to shut down the system and install expensive measuring equipment.
Schematische Darstellung eines Trocknungszylinders

Paper Analysis

Fluid permeability is a decisive factor in the usability of packaging papers in particular, as on the one hand contents should not leak out, but on the other hand air must pass through during many filling processes. Deeper insights into the internal paper structures and their relevance in fluid transport can provide valuable information for future developments in packaging paper development.

Perforated roller headbox

Turbulence, poor mixing or air inclusions in the headbox can be reasons for an inhomogeneous basis weight. The cause of such inhomogeneities can be efficiently tracked down using simulation - in addition to investigating possible optimization measures.
Zeigt die Strömungsgeschwindigkeit in der optimierten Zulaufleitung einer Papiermaschine

Stock Inlet Pipe

In order to achieve the most uniform fiber distribution possible downstream of a cross-flow distributor, the suspension should already have a uniform flow profile at the inlet. This is made more difficult by the manifold located directly upstream. There are two possible approaches: an analytical parameter study and an optimization algorithm.

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