Our comprehensive services make it possible to optimize your paper machine entirely.


Our engineers support you with their experience in your tasks. The cause of any production errors can be found by means of system analyses and analytical calculations. In addition to consulting, the possibility of sensitivity analyses by means of flow simulations can be used.

Laboratory & Measurements

We offer the possibility of shear rate-dependent viscosity measurements of your fiber suspension/dispersion in our laboratory.

In addition, we can carry out roughness analyses of your system using laser scanning microscopy and help you to save energy through optimum surface roughness or to save money in the machining process due to optimum roughness.

With our external partners, we have the option of carrying out a porosity analysis using computer tomography (CT).
Particle analyses and their use in consulting or simulation are carried out in our laboratory.


Thanks to our expertise in numerical flow optimization, we can offer you cost-effective solutions for product or energy optimization of your system without stopping the machines. This can include cross-profile analyses using simulation, as well as complex multi-physical simulations such as acoustics, vibration, fluid-structure interaction, coupled heat transfer, multiphase tasks or chemical reactions.

"Trail and error" tests are time-consuming; an optimal solution can be found by virtualizing components and then simulating them.

Planning and implementation

With the help of our partners, we can successfully implement the planning and conversion of the previous component optimization.
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